Ubuntu Start Ssh Server

What Is SSH
Secure Shell or SSH is called a substitute remote login application like telnet, rlogin and so on. SSH serves to access your server remotely via an encrypted connection. With SSH you can view server activity, monitor servers, see the directory server, restart the server, view the job server, and install the software on the server. Imagine when you have servers overseas. Maybe you should not go there just to restart the server. Enough with SSH, you can meremote server you have like in front of a real server monitor. SSH allows you to perform any activity against the server according to the capacity of user permissions.

How Do I Access The SSH?
To access the server via SSH can use a variety of ways with the Linux Terminal and Software PuTTy on Windows.

SSH Access Via Linux Terminal
For those of you users of the Linux operating system, to access the server via SSH is very easy. Just need a terminal that has installed OpenSSH and Internet access then you can whenever and wherever meremote server.

As for the need to be prepared, namely,

a. Internet access
b. Terminal Linux already installed OpenSSH
c. the hosting account information you get when you first buy cheap hosting at DomaiNesia. The form of the cPanel Username, Password, and cPanel Control Panel URL

How to access the server via SSH through terminal linux i.e.,
a. open terminal then write like below,
ssh usercPanel@controlpanelURL –p 64000
ssh -p 64000 usercPanel@nameyourdomain

b. After you have finished, please press Enter. Then you are prompted to enter a password. Please write down your password in cPanel you have. Due to the nature of the hidden password, enter the password at the moment cPanel then your password will not be visible. Don't worry, keep write password cPanel to complete. And then press Enter.
c. wait a few moments, then your server has been successfully accepting remote connections via SSH.

Software to access SSH Via PuTTy on Windows

For those of you Windows users don't worry. You can still perform a remote server via SSH via PuTTy Software. PuTTY is a software that can be used to make a SSH connection between the client and the server.

As for the need to be prepared, namely,
a. internet access
b. PuTTy Software

Software PuTTy can be downloaded via the official website here. To download the Software the PuTTy.

How to access the server via SSH via PuTTy that is,
a. Open the PuTTy Software. On the Hostname (or IP Address) please write

Then the "Port", wrote the numbers 64000. After that, the "Connection Type", select SSH. Then click Open. For other leave the default configuration only.

b. When you are prompted to enter a password, please write your password in cPanel. Keep in mind in console PuTTy also uses a hidden password. So, the password you write will not be visible. Make sure you have entered your password correctly. And then press Enter.

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