What is Linux Operating System

Computer users in indonesia are mostly using artificial operating system from microsoft, namely microsoft windows. It is reasonable to just happen, because the windows operating system is first present in Indonesia instead of the linux operating system. may you all have understood about computers, already understands that the windows operating system which is free software is not distributed, you have to pay a license fee in order to be legally installed in your computer, but if you don't removing licensing fees, meaning it could be said of windows that you are using is pirated.

This article discusses the understanding of linux. understanding linux is a free open source operating system which is free to the public under the GNU license. so you are allowed to install it on your computer or copy and distribute it without having to pay. Linux is a derivative of unix and can work on a wide variety of computer hardware ranging from inter x 86 up to RISC.

With the GNU (Gnu's Not Unix) you can get the program, complete with source code (source code). Not only that, you are given the right to copy as much as You want, or even change the source code. And it is all legal under license. Although free, GNU license allows a party who wants to withdraw the fees for duplication as well as the delivery of the program.

The most important freedom of Linux, especially for programmers and network administrators, is the freedom to obtain the source code (source code) and the freedom to change it. This implies some important things. First security, the second dynamics.

If the commercial software does not allow you to know the source code then you will never know if the program that you buy from them it's safe or not (often called security by obscurity). Your life in the hands of the vendor. And if there was a notice about a bug from the commercial software, it is often too late. With Linux, you can examine its source code directly, along with other Linux users. Development of Linux users as an open community, makes the bug will quickly note, and as soon as that programmers will improve the program. You yourself also that determines a suitable code in accordance with the basic requirements and other software to be implemented. Like a car, you can modify it as he pleases, even up to the engine though, to obtain the desired shape.

The openness of source code also allows the operating system evolved rapidly. If a program with a closed system and is only developed by a particular vendor, at most about a thousand to five thousand people. As for Linux, with the openness of its source code, developed by volunteers all over the world. The bug more quickly known and penambalnya program (patch) much faster is possible. Approach to the development of this operating system called Bazaar. Reverse Chatedraal system is very closed and just concentrated on one or two developers only.

Linux currently has evolved into many distros (linux distribution), for example was the distro of Redhat, Debian, Suse. currently a very popular linux distributions in use in indonesia is the distro Ubuntu which is a derivative of Debian.

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