What Is Unix Operating System Part 1

UNIX is an operating system that is used as the operating system of baku on different types of computers, especially the mini computers as either workstation or server (systems that provide services on the network). As with unix as a server, the switch of work from one computer to another is easy.

UNIX was designed as a portable operating system, multi-tasking, multi-user, hierarchical file system and utilities.

The advantages gained by using the UNIX system into a new system of connected networks are:

Sharing of computer resources
Computer resources are shared with include:

• CPU and memory allocation
CPU or memory that is being quietly (unused) may be used by other systems that are busy.

• Data storage or disk

The original disk is spread across all the computers with the same utility can now be combined into a large disk units and shared with.

• Printer and program or utility
Printing can be classified based on priorities (immediate, not immediately) or print quality (LQ printers, laser printers, line printers).

An increase in reliability
Computers in a network more reliable compared to a stand-alone computer. If there is a computer that is not working, its role was replaced by another computer. The system can be regulated or controlled until users do not know that the computers used were being replaced by another computer. Disk storage systems can set the degree of security. As with any CPU, disk system that is not functioning is replaced by another system without being noticed by the user.

The savings.
Increased reliability as well as resource consumption together generate operating cost savings. Price 10 10 MIPS computer a lot cheaper than 1 100 MIPS computer. However, the ability of the ten 10 MIPS computer can almost match the capabilities of your computer 100 MIPS high utilization when done. Other savings are obtained from the use of the printer server and the file server (1 data disk or system to many computers).

UNIX is an operating system developed by Bell Labs in AT&T in 1960 and 1970-90s. In 1960, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, AT&T Bell Labs, and General Electric worked in an operating system that eksprimental called Multics (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service).

In Indonesia the Unix is used as an Application Server, a product that is circulating in the market, among others, IBM AIX, HP UX, Solaris. Each of these products generally have a separate market such as Sun Solaris used in mobile telecommunications operator, HP UX on manufacturing and distribution. A Unix workstation as a function of less popular considering the price is expensive.

Types of UNIX
UNIX is an operating system developed by many parties. Every party which developed UNIX, adding his technology into UNIX, which even though it was outside the standard, able to make the UNIX operating system is more powerful or more reliably. Other types of Unix include:

1. A/UX
2. Domain/X
3. Darwin
5. Distrix
6. UniCOS
7. DG/UX
8. Digital UNIX
9. Ultrix
10. CLIX
11. HP/UX
12. Tru64
13. AIX
14. Coherent
16. DVIX
17. UnixWare
20. SCO OpenServer
21. Dynix
23. IRIX
24. SunOS
25. Solaris
26. Eunice
27. Uniplus+
29. BSD/I
30. OSF/1
31. GNU/Linux
32. GNU/Hurd
33. FreeBSD
34. NetBSD
35. OpenBSD
36. NextStep
37. Minix
38. Mach
39. UNIX System V
40. QNX

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