What Is Unix Operating System Part 2

Type of UNIX-based Network
a. UUCP Unix to Unix CoPy
UUCP is the network type first appeared in UNIX systems. At first, the UUCP developed by simply utilizing the serial channel or terminal of a computer. Today, UUCP works on any version of UNIX even non-UNIX systems such as VMS and DOS.

UUCP services provided include:
• Control of files (file transfer) and electronic mail (e-mail)

File delivery via UUCP's done. If someone in Indonesia is about to send electronic mail to colleagues in America, simply stored or executed dikomputer locally. The computer will automatically deliver the letter into a knot in the United States namely UUNET (Arlington, VA.). In the letter, it's will be forwarded following kesimpul up to the goal.

• Terminal remotely (remote terminal) and execute commands remotely (remote execution)
Network International linking secera UUCP over one hundred thousand computers. In total, millions of bytes switched each day between the computer world. Most of the transition occurred in the United States because of the cheapness of communication costs. Most of the data in the form of USENET NEWS, the world's largest electronic discussion forum. 

b. IP or TCP (Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol) 
TCP is the Protocol which governs the transport of data between systems. TCP can be referred to as "Company Secretary" who manage delivery inter-company file address. TCP normally utilize IP as a media introduction. Such is the case of the Secretary, the TCP is responsible for the loss of the following package delivery follow-ups (resend the package).

TCP utilized by other applications as a reliable data transmission namely include:
• Remote Login: TELNET and rlogin (General) (UNIX-specific)
• Long distance: rsh Executable (UNIX-specific)
• Over files: FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
• Electronic Mail: SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
• Local application Program (homemade) can make use of the facilities of TCP/IP to communicate with each other.

c. NFS (Network File System) and RPC (Remote Procedure Call)
NFS was originally developed by Sun Microsystem (1984). Now, the use of NFS RPC implemented on more than 100 types of computers and is expected to operate on more than 100,000 computers. NFS allows a compuer accessing another computer file system, the file system and treats such as its own section.

d. NCS--Network Computing System
The load between CPUS in the network is usually not the same thing at the same time. Some research has lead to the utilization of the CPU is being silent (idle). Up to now, every computer maker is still developing the protokolnya separately and do not match one another. However, efforts towards standardisation is being pioneered and is expected to be agreed in the near future.

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