How To Install Ssh On Ubuntu

SSH is required when we want to remote servers could be from windows or from linux.

Steps-steps that are done as below:
1. install ssh package
sudo apt-get install ssh

The install is completed, SSH can also directly used with the default port is 22. But to avoid and minimize ganguan from orang2 who evil, it would be nice port we hide the alias on the dressing just to taste. do I like below in.

2. the sshd_config file Configuration 
sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

After the open, look for the words or phrases "Port 22" replaced with "port 1368" (replacement of the free port, please set yourself).

Next search the writings of "PermitRootLogin yes" replace with "PermitRootLogin no", it is intended so that when people or us again the remote server, can not connect directly with the root login (root access), so must first pass by a normal user.

3. Save it by pressing "CTRL + X press Y" and then enter sshnya restart, after that in a way like this
sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart

The test results of the configuration by means of open putty, input the server ip, port and also don't forget that we have set in the ssh configuration file.

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