Learn to Use Kali Linux

If you guys are familiar with the term BackTrack, surely you guys would also be easy to recognise "KALI  LINUX".

KALI LINUX is one of the version of linux from Debian, KALI LINUX in the design for the purposes of digital forensics and penetration testing. KALI LINUX itself is managed and financed by the "Offensive Security Ltd". KALI LINUX created by Mati Aharoni and Devon Kearns of Offensive Security by way of rewriting the source code of the KALI LINUX version of BackTrack, them before.

KALI LINUX already contains more than 600 programs that are used for the purposes of testing, hacking, scanning, DOS Flooding and many more, such as nmap (port scanner), Wireshark (packet Analyzer), John the Ripper (Password Cracker), Aircrack-ng (for test by means of continuous penetration against a WLAN), Burp suite and OWASP ZAP (both safety scanner is a web application). can you imagine how multiplicity of tools provided by the KALI LINUX, this can provide great scope for users who want to explore the world of hacking.

Excess KALI LINUX also can direct us to install IE on your computer, or we can use the way of LIVE, meaning we only place the CD/DVD linux (Pendrive USB has also supported) then wear fashion LIVE, then we can use the KALI LINUX without the installation process in advance.

KALI LINUX we can get for free, by visiting his website address HERE.

Most of the tools owned by KALI LINUX is easy to use, maybe just a few lines of command, but also not a few that require patience and also techniques in running the program. Therefore it takes patience to be a hacker, keep practicing and do not give up when difficulties in running a "scene".

Curious and want to try an operating system that was said mandatory use by a hacker? Please download the linux distibusi and good practice.

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