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Linux is an operating system is the most widely used by the website server on the internet. Mostly using Linux, some windows.

Linux is arguably the operating system for the professional, the operating system for system administrators, and usually, the expert in the field of the network very tightly with the operating system.

So if you are learning to achieve your dream of being a geek, system administrator then you should familiarise yourself with the operating system Linux.

The following are some of the top websites that you can take advantage of to learn various things about linux.

This Linux tutorials directly from the linux.com website, the website is of course presents tutorials which pretty much and certainly useful for you who want to learn linux, in addition to a tutorial here there is also a blog that provides the latest information about the system operation penguin logo.

This tutorial is given directly by IBM for those of you who want to master the Linux operating system, this Website could be a starting point for you to learn how to use Linux programs and manage Linux systems.

This site discusses all things about linux, even from the fundamental things like "Why Linux and Unix, or what you can do with linux.

This is a free resource of a University in the United Kingdom is for you who want to learn Linux. A nice tutorial and complete enough for beginners. This tutorial starts with the introduction of the operating system, and then presents the basic tutorial linux and then include everything you want to know about Linux and Unix.

Norm Matloff is a Professor of computer science, has created an awful lot of free tutorials about Linux and Unix for students. He provided presentations to guide beginners, like help installing Linux on your machine as well as some further information about Linux.

A free Courseware from Linuxtopia can help newbies to understand linux security. Learning in this specialized website to understand everything including firewall, wireless security, and much more. This is a useful resource if you are interested in learning how to use Linux safely.

This website is dedicated all of his writings to discuss about linux, so almost all the writing on this website related to Linux, you can learn about a variety of discussion on a particular linux distro, or other tips and tutorials are useful for If you want to learn linux as well as for those of you who already understand linux but want to continue to add to the knowledge.

may be useful to all of you who want to learn linux from beginning to advanced. If you have another great place for readers, you can contribute by writing it down dikolom comments.

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