Private Internet Access Ubuntu

Use VPN on Ubuntu-VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, one of the networking facility that I often use when using internet flexy unlimited. Why? Because I can not access my blog who use custom domain blogger, and can only access dashboardnya. Therefore casually wear vpn, it turns out that my blog can be accessed with smoothly.

Oh yes, using computer, IP vpn services will follow we ride the country where IP access. For example, I am online with Flexy flexy internet Unlimited, is not directly lead to the web we are headed. Instead it leads to the VPN server. Then VPN which served web mengakseskan that we want to go. It might arguably VPN is an intermediary, similar to a proxy. If not mistaken its scheme is as follows (Please be corrected if wrong)

  1. The Internet from a modem to access the VPN
  2. VPN mengakseskan website we want
  3. We got the data from the VPN website
All our website access is a canal from the VPN. So there are no limits us to access anything. We can access any website, with IP abroad. This time I'd like to share how the VPN settings in Ubuntu.

Search the free VPN, please browse the very much at all. I also use a free VPN. On these pages we will obtain a username, password, etc. related to the VPN.

Open network manager, then press the + (Add) and then select VPN. Create Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), after the create VPN. Please enter data in accordance with the image above, so that the result will look like the image below.

After filling out the form above, press the advance to continue Setup. There are some points that need to be deactivated, so it looks like the image below.

After that try to turn on the internet with a modem is used, after the internet connection is connected, connect the connection with the new VPN. If successful the connection icon will turn out like the picture of a padlock (ubuntu 12:10). I do not know if with another.

Arguably the VPN was one way to unblock websites

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