Ubuntu Operating System Download

Hallo friends welcome back for there is frequently visited, this time the admin will share a linux-based operating system i.e. 16.04 LTS Ubuntu ISO latest version.

Ubuntu 16.04 reviews: what's new for Desktop users. New features in Ubuntu LTS 16.04.

16.04 as Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS), the main focus is on the user's company. That doesn't mean there's nothing interesting for desktop users; in fact, there are many.

First of all, it releases the LTS. That means supported for five years. If you don't like, please upgrade your desktop every 8 months, if you want to use a very stable release of Ubuntu, then the LTS 16.04 now is for you. You get a very stable Operating system developed for the company's customers.

16.04 Ubuntu comes with the latest version of application features and applications that are available are very new, and from the default application. You get:
Firefox 45
Thunderbird 38
Libreoffice 5.1
3.14.2 file
3.18 video
Rhythmbox 3.3
GNOME Terminal 3.18
Eye of GNOME 3.18
Shotwell 0.22
and many more

And, you can easily install the applications you want.

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