Coreldraw for Linux

This time I will give you an information tutorials. I.e. applications linux ubuntu similar or almost identical to windows application corel draw. So don't worry if you're either using a linux os, ubuntu solution specifically conceived, want to edit photos in which. Emang most if edit a photograph typically in windows application called corel draw, here's an alternative application from corel draw. Indeed the grapicnya is rather large, but the features are almost the same, so don't worry.

Linux is an OS that's free and safe for work. I was using ubuntu gnome, which looks very nice. Then I create a dual boot to play the game, but it turns out I was wrong, I dont have time to use windows me. Every day I have to use linux, not slow and uneventful. If windows often lelet as most viruses, if linux anti virus right, so smoothly.

When using ubuntu, I think to be able to edit photos or pictures because I'm blogging and thinking of his thumbnail. Confused all the time, got to thinking to move to windows again, but it's just too long a time, just for an image thumbnail, I finally let my article without a thumbnail. Articles with thumbnails more captivating as well. After one day, I asked my senior and it turns out there is an alternative to its corel draw.

And the application of it is berlabelkan with the logo of inkscape such as mountain with its height. This application is very much like corel draw. Tampilanya else is almost the same, anyway good to edit a picture or photo. The application has features that are almost the same with corel draw, so this app is the best alternative for me.

How to install his very easy, dont bother pakek scrip or do coding in the terminal. You can install them through the software center only.

Search on the software center and install the application. You can easily edit with this application. Indeed if you first put it on, we felt would be a person who is stupid and trouble. But these applications are actually the same with corel draw, just a different grapicnya, so don't worry.

Well, that's the best alternative for application corel draw on ubuntu, hopefully useful for you all.

If there are errors, I as admin apologises and when there is a deficiency please advise and criticism and if there are any questions please comment down here.

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