Linux Distro for Gaming

Currently have available a large selection of Linux distributions that can be installed on our computer. The number of options that sometimes makes us confused choice. This time the list will be presented will be different with which has been widely reviewed.

A little difficult also to list linux distros without based on certain criteria. However, many also Linux users who have seriously determine the Linux distro you want to use and support.

Same thing with football fans, some Linux users would say that they are a fan base of his Debian or they are a fan of his base Ubuntu and others. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but most importantly they have seen their needs before determining the Linux distro they use.

This time we will try to present the list of a very popular Linux distro for the game. We collect information from various sources on the internet.

The following Linux distributions are widely used for gaming.

Steam OS is the first operating system that had the combination to the Steam platform and Linux. If there is still doubt that Linux can be used to play games, Valve comes with Steam to remove doubts his OS. This free operating system and has been designed to provide a powerful Linux architecture and provide the experience of playing the game from Steam.

A the best Linux distro for gaming, comes with an extra special tool that is named "APTus Games", a feature that is easy to put up any kind of console emulators, and other props required by a gamer. There are many emulators in the APTus gamers.

Linux distributions that appear with this cool approach to gaming by presenting Steam and PlayOnLinux that is already installed. Beside that, it also has a distribution tool, known as the AutoGPU installer will automatically perform configuration and perform the installation of drivers for the Graphic that will help save you time at the time of the configuration process.

Linux distro this one very different Linux distros. This Linux distro will change a computer into a video game console. Where he is also able to function as an emulator for game consoles of all kinds.

This Linux distro is an ideal example of how his ability to run the game. This distribution comes with thousands of Linux-based games and officially on his website stating "a number of game genres available ranging from first-person shooters to strategy games are real-time and turn-based games-even puzzle games".

That's five best distro for computer game lovers who managed our auto summary from the internet. Hopefully this information can help gamers to start switching using Linux as its operating system.

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