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Successful Recovery Data (Partitions) using TestDisk
Hard drive formatted accidentally deleted data, partition deleted, indeed old story, and maybe there's not much experience, but among the bit of it (the experience), one of them is me

Therefore, my writing this time sharing experience restoring data lost due to partition deleted accidentally.

The beginning of the story this time is a faux pas I press a button, IE Erase Disk when want to make live ubuntu using an external hard drive. Due to the carelessness of it, 2 External hard drive partition I erased, which automatically when it is opened, the data is lost. After the hunt, I gather information 3 a very powerful tools for Recovery in Ubuntu, namely
foremost and

For 2 the last tool, maybe we'll discuss another time, we discussed this time is the recovery using TestDisk, just go ahead to the steps:

1. prepare device (laptop/PC) OS Ubuntu. In my case, the lost partition is present on the External hard drive, so I fix it lived a plug on my laptop already installed Maverick Merkat. If in other cases, for example, that its own partition of the internal hard drive is erased from your PC/Laptop, then you could use the help of a live CD/USB live for his Recovery process

2. Install tool TestDisk. use 3 easy ways, namely:
using the terminal:
~$ sudo apt-get install testdisk

use the Synaptic Package Manager ( System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager ), type "testdisk" column on the search, select package testdisk, right click, select "Mark for Installation", then click "Apply"

using the Ubuntu Software Center: ( Applications > Ubuntu Software Center)

3. start TestDisk. Just run TestDisk from the Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal), type
~$ sudo testdisk

4. The creation Log. On the start menu are treated to 3 menu, select "Create", unless you want to add the information in a log (select "Append") or you work on Read-Only media (select "No Log").

5. Select "Media that will return the data". The next process is the media you choose where the data will be restored (Recovery). In this case, I would choose my external hard drive.

6. The "selection of the type of partition table" ("Partition Table"). If you are confused (like me) in this process, use the defaults only. By default, TestDisk will choose best suits our partition table (usually an Intel to partition FAT32, NTFS, ext, etc.).

7. "Status of the partition table". Choose Analyze to find lost partitions.

8. Look for the partition. There will be 2 possibilities here,
A- Partition you haven't read (as in my case).
B- Your partitions before missing the direct read (such as the example of other cases that I have found on the internet).

If you have experienced the same with A, select "Quick Search". If you experience the same as B, select "Continue".

9. are your partitions created on Windows Vista?, answer Y (Yes) reply feel free, but I am sure most of you answer N (No).

10. "Find the lost partition". It should in this step, you've found your lost partitions. If that happens, directly select "Write" and directly skip to step 12. But in some cases (such as my case), the lost partition from my HDD, I do not find, so I choose "Deeper Search" to advanced search.

11. Wait. Yaps, wait, that's all we need to do. Advanced searching requires a goodly long time. Maybe you can relax just yet

12. Determine the attributes of a partition. Use the up arrow to select a partition, and use the right arrow left, you specify the attributes of your partitions. The specified attribute is the "Primary" a "bootable", "Primary, Logical, Extended" while "Deleted" is the default attribute (for a double partition, select one, and one unused you can let it stay on the Deleted attribute). You can also add a new partition in this process. In my case, I give the attributes "Primary Bootable" (*) on one of the two partitions of the BAM (because the original is indeed the just 1), and to other Primary partition 1. And then press Enter.

13. Restart/Reboot. The command will appear to reignite (rebooting) your PC/Laptop, select Ok then restart your Ubuntu.

After Reboot, I (or you) reinventing a lost partition on the HDD. The data we think vanished turns reappear as readily kala, healthy wal afiat.

Oh yes, if you use the LiveCD (instead of a Live USB), you need to install back the TestDisk after you reboot.

Good luck and Godspeed.

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