Ruby Editor Linux

Text Editor & IDE for Ruby on Rails
There are many options of Text Editor and IDE that currently support Ruby on Rails applications for operating systems Linux/ Windows/ Mac OS X. Each Text Editor/ IDE that offers a range of facilities to ease Developers in creating a Ruby on rails application.

Here are some of them:

Aptana can be ideas for Ruby on Rails applications, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and Python.
Aptana IDE this is open source software.

Can be used on operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

TextMate is one of the favorite text editor for the Ruby on Rails applications because many features that can simplify developer create applications in Ruby on Rails, including facilities for Rspec (one of the media testing in Ruby on Rails).

Can be used on the operating system: Mac OS X

Atom is a text editor which was first developed by Already integrated with git and relatively light when in use. Another advantage of the editor is the flexibility to do a "custom configuration" which is in accordance with the tagline "they are hackable text editor".

Can be used on the operating system: Linux, OS X, Windows

Thanks mas already recommend Goro sublime text editor 2. This is sublime text editor which is light but sophisticated. Many facilities that make it easier for us when writing code, such as opening files with search, or search for "word" in the file with the relatively fast.

Can be used on the operating system: Linux, OS X, Windows

If you like pake linux, surely know this text editor:). In addition to a simple, easy to use, lightweight and not spend memory, you can also use Gedit to edit Ruby on Rails applications. This could be an option for you Linux users and the like with a simple text editor.

Can be used on the operating system: Linux

For you Windows users who do not like the idea as Aptana and love with a simple text editor like Gedit on linux, then you can use Notepad ++ to edit your Ruby on Rails application. Although the features are supportnya not as complete as the Aptana, Notepad ++ but it is lighter and there is not much use of memory.

Such Text Editor and IDE for Ruby on Rails applications this time. May assist you in learning ruby on rails.

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