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By March 2016, Linux Mint gets new sponsor for the security system web sites. Once before, on February 20, 2016 website Linux Mint gets an attack of hackers. They changed the iso file Linux Mint editions Cinnamon 17.3 Rosa downloaded via the Linux Mint website. Of course this is something that should be corrected by Linux Mint, especially in terms of security systems website.

After doing a repair on the system with some of the companies aided by the security system, ultimately these problems successfully handled well. Linux mint collaborated with Avast to handle such matters. Linux Mint iso file submit malware-infected and all the info needed to Avast for analysis, these problems were soon dealt with either by Avast.

"Avast also encourages users to update itself and they are able to block access to servers that Bulgaria used by hackers".

Linux Mint is also assisted by the company in the field as Sucuri security system website. Sucuri continued to monitor linux mint server, perform the scan process and clean up the malware detected by the system. In addition Sucuri also protects linux mint server with firewall that they have.

Linux Mint party eventually partnering with Sucuri Security to get protection and various services in terms of security systems website. Of course it's advantageous for Linux Mint. They can establish closer ties with security experts on Sucuri Security and can quickly contact Sucuri when linux mint project is having problems.

Sucuri security is a company, specialized in handling incidents, monitoring and protection for web sites. With thousands of clients they have, cloud-based firewall belongs to Sucuri able to handle more than 16 billion page views each month, while the team's response to the incident on Sucuri Security can recover hundreds of sites in one day.

Working with the great experience of Sucuri has become for the team of Linux Mint. Linux Mint project uses many servers spread around the world. Thanks to assistance from security experts who work in this attack Sucuri or damage to the linux mint distribution be quickly addressed. Besides Linux Mint also comes with malware monitoring and improvement of the quality of the backup automatically.

Linux Mint also received protection from the Firewall that protects the Sucuri access to server Linux Mint. Besides Linux Mint also uses caching and compression techniques to speed up the traffic on the web site.

Sucuri help implementation of HTTPS and they work hard to handle server Linux Mint. So the team of Linux Mint can quickly contact and chat with tim Sucuri when needed. The partnership relationship and closeness with the team of Linux Mint team Sucuri System is crucial for the development of the Linux Mint project and Linux Mint is very appreciative of the team's expertise in making Sucuri security system.

"We are proud to welcome as our new sponsor Sucuri and very grateful for the help they gave us".

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