Security for Linux Mint

Sad news came from Linuxmint, its website and infiltration happens so do iso mods linuxmint so the attacker planted a backdoor on the iso.

From the site itself provides the information that linuxmint iso new detected stored backdor is at version 17.3 (Rosa).

This applies on the iso download on 20 February 2016 only. so therefore to maintain the security of iso linuxmint you then immediately checking by checking the md5sum on the iso file.

How to do a check is by way of
md5sum file_iso

the following is the signature of official md5sum linuxmint.
6e7f7e03500747c6c3bfece2c9c8394f          linuxmint-17.3-cinnamon-32bit.iso
e71a2aad8b58605e906dbea444dc4983        linuxmint-17.3-cinnamon-64bit.iso
30fef1aa1134c5f3778c77c4417f7238          linuxmint-17.3-cinnamon-nocodecs-32bit.iso
3406350a87c201cdca0927b1bc7c2ccd        linuxmint-17.3-cinnamon-nocodecs-64bit.iso
df38af96e99726bb0a1ef3e5cd47563d         linuxmint-17.3-cinnamon-oem-64bit.iso

If you get a different md5sum can then be sure that your iso stored backdoor, so you should do a redownload again.

So what if you already did install Linuxmint already embedded backdoor?

On the website of linuxmint itself provide an explanation that is necessary to perform the install new and linuxmint-free backdoor.

Some of the information that the iso in the retas exists on host and backdoor intercourse against that site

now please check the md5sum of your iso.

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