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SourceClear Developed Tools to scan for Vulnerabilities Open Source codes
For the developers, code vulnerabilities can occur in the process of making the lines program code. In anticipation of this, SourceClear announced the launch of a new tool called with Open.

SourceClear is a startup that has the software to scan for vulnerabilities found in the lines of open source code that could cause security problems for applications that rely on the code.

In his blog post, Mark Curphey as Chief Executive from SourceClear stated that the initial idea of the Open, is that by working with the community can make a tool the best security possible for the developer.

There are many supplies that can be used to do things such as Open, such as Fortify and HP-owned Coverty. But both the outstanding competitor tools are not for free. While the Open can be used by developers for free.

SourceClear also offers a feature where developers can check the lines of code in different kinds of programming languages, such as Java, js, Python Node., and Rubby with support to the client side from JavaScript, C, C++, and Go.

Developers can install the technology of the SourceClear on the local computer by using the command line, or you can connect it to GitHub, BitBucket to GitHub, Enterprise, Jenkins, Gradle, Maven, and the NPM.

In addition, SourceClear also offers premium levels on those services. Premium levels on those services offer better support and analysis of vulnerability that is superior to the other, based on the price page owned startup.

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