Vulnerability Scanner Linux

What Is Uniscan
Uniscan is a vulnerability scanner can scan web sites and web applications for a wide range of security issues such as RFI LFI, sql injection, XSS, etc and is written in perl.

Excess Uniscan is a fast and effective web application Vulnerability Scanner which is used for penetration testing to find security holes or weaknesses on a website.

If you use the distro Linux OS Parrot or Times, you need not bother to install because it is already available.

When you're not there tool Uniscan, you can download it below


OK, now we test websites, I will test the website here
#uniscan -u -qd

Command function
q = directory and
d = directory means looking for a bug/vulnerability

or if you want to complete his sought just add command -qweds
The result:

When you want to make it easier to find weaknesses on the website and to make it more user friendly, just use the uniscan-gui

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