Best Linux Operating System

Linux is an operating system, such as Windows or Mac OS. However, the open source nature of Linux.

Linux is an operating system which is open source. This means that anyone can freely use. Be it alter, modify, or even distribute it.

Free in the sense that anyone can use it for free. Change in the sense that anyone can change and modify the source code – the source code is in accordance with the wishes or needs.

You can even make Your version of linux operating system itself (of course for those who are already proficient with programming). And you are also allowed to distribute it, in the sense you are allow to copy (copy), and share it with anyone.

Linux Distributions (Linux Distribution)
Because that's the Linux operating system can bring forth different versions or variants.

So a lot of programmers to make their own version of the linux variants that they develop in accordance with their wishes.

Well, that might be able to describe the meaning of it's own linux distro. I.e. a collection of operating system code is essentially taken or derived from a modified Linux, then distributed by its developers to be used by the public.

The Best Linux Distro

First, we recommend Ubuntu. Because the operating system is Ubuntu is already very popular among Linux users. Good for users of personal or company's classmate.

In addition among students at the school also have started many introductions about the operating system on this one, especially for the students of SMK computer engineering.

Reasons why Ubuntu is so popular in the Linux world is due to the ease of installation and use, quite a lot of support applications for daily work, and display is also not much different from Windows.

See it of course Ubuntu can serve as an alternative solution from the Windows operating system. Ubuntu is also suitable for anyone who is new to Linux first. In fact, the Ubuntu Linux distribution became one of the most widely produce new Linux variants.

Based on data from website distrowatch, Linux Mint Linux operating system is the most widely used today.

Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based Linux distro. It looks elegant, but still easy to use.

One of the advantages of Linux Mint is to provide different default application packages such as browser plugins, media codecs, DVD playback, Java, and other components.

Application installation package from Linux Mint web-based, and is compatible with the software respository belongs to the Ubuntu Linux distribution made this one quite popular.

openSUSE is a Linux distribution which was developed independently by the openSUSE community sponsored by SUSE Linux. Targeting the novice user and also the interest for people who have already experienced.

openSUSE also supports many of the desktop environment, such as Cinnamon, GNOME, IceWM, KDE, LXDE, Openbox, WMaker, and Xfce.

openSUSE comes with YaST (Yet another Setup Tool). I.e. the program administrator to control the hardware, configure the network, and customize Linux system more easily.

Fedora had a reputation for focusing on innovation. Fedora development also are independent as well as openSUSE.

Fedora, developed by the community in favor of the Fedora Project, sponsored by Red Hat. The default Fedora desktop environment is GNOME. However, the user can change it to other versions, such as: Awesome, Cinnamon, Enlightenment, KDE Plasma, LXDE, Openbox, Ratpoison, MATE, or Xfce.

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