Best Linux Server Os

As our readers know, a Powerful Article that Linux is an operating system which is an open source operating system that was created from an artificial kernel linus torvalds assisted with the development of free software from the (Free Software Foundatiion) courtesy of richard stallman.

Linux shared as we know is very reliable, free, lightweight and certainly the best fit if used as an operating system that support the server, due to superior in terms of security, easy maintenance, and certainly their use free of cost.

As for the List Server Linux Distro That we discuss are:

1. Ubuntu
Ubuntu is a Debian-based linux distros are in a class by itself. This is beyond all other distributions in terms of simple installation and assisted with the support of excellent hardware performance to world-class commercial needs, and of course ubuntu is also an option in the set up a network server.

2. Red Hat
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a small Linux is now becoming a major force in efforts to rackspace data centers. And Redhat this many optioned to be made into the server even though there are a few packages that require a fee to have it.

SUSE Linux is a distro belonging to novell suse linux also made choices that were not lost on other distributions, and many are not the responsibility of the responsibility for choosing suse as personal as well as server os.

4. Mandriva
Mandriva linux operating system is a server that might be a bit foreign. Linux is derived from the French and the extreme acceptance of claims Europe and South America. This, like the claim site, a provider of Linux around the world. Its name comes from its construction and Mandrake Linux and Connectiva Linux distribution.

5. Xandros
If you prefer a Linux distribution with Microsoft, Xandros is the one option that's right for you. Rumors about, Xandros and Microsoft collaborate in what is known in technical circles as "cooperatition." This means that they compete in cooperative.

6. Slackware 
Slackware distro which is the property of Patrick Volkerding is one of the operating systems that are free or free although not commonly associated with commercial distribution, Slackware maintain relationships with several companies that provide fee-based support. One of the earliest available distributions, Slackware has a broad fan base and loyal. Developers regularly releases new versions and features of excellence in each update.

7. Debian
Debian is an operating system that does not have a formal commercial support, but you can connect with the Debian-savvy consultants around the world through their Consulting page. Debian has given birth to a child the distribution over other linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint and the Vyatta router.

8. Vyatta
Linux Vyatta router has advantages in the settings of routers and firewalls from a PC-based system but if you want commercial-driven distribution to such application, the Vyatta router works well for the needs of the media and of course the highly secure communication and affordable. Vyatta router Linux also has a free version.

9. CentOS
It is true that CentOS is not entirely commercial but because it is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can take advantage of commercial support for it. CentOS has its own repository and community support and not the same as Fedora Linux.

10. Unbreakable Linux
Oracle Unbreakable Linux Red Hat Enterprise Linux with some Oracle logo and art. Oracle competes directly with Red Hat distribution with and quite effective, because support purchased through the Oracle is half the price of equivalent model of Red Hat.

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