Encrypt Usb Drive Linux

Protect your flash drive with encryption on Ubuntu or Linux Mint. The purpose of encryption is to secure your data that is in the USB flash drive. If you encode your flash drive and you put it the wrong or missing, you don't need to worry about leaks or steal your sensitive data because encrypted flash drive, flash drive will not be accessible without password, to access data from the flash you need to enter the password that is set at the time of data encryption. The easiest way to secure your flash drive on Ubuntu.

First install cryptsetup first with entering this command:
# sudo apt-get install cryptsetup

After that go into disk utility, after going to the disk utility,

first of all do umount on Flash, after Flash on umount, do format the volume against Flash,

After the format,

Select the specify Flash file system type, and then specify a name, then do the check option Encrypt Undefying device, then create a password.

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