Linux Monitor Network Activity

Understanding WireShark
Wireshark is a software or tools to do the monitoring of a network activity, this could see the WireShark tools and store information about your package out and entered in a network or that are sent and received.

As for other explanations, WireShark is a tools to analyze network based on open source. The previous name of this tools known as Ethereal, then in may year 2006 project changed its name to WireShark due to issues about trademarks.

Analyze network activity that could include a variety of things, ranging from getting a data plan to get information through the network.

Until these tools are also used for snifing, snifing is a method that aims to obtain important information such as passwords, email, data besifat secrets and much more. The appearance of this WireShark tools very supportive because this tool using a graphical interface or GUI is often referred to with the look of the Desktop.

Working Patterns Of WireShark
= First WireShark will capture the data packets through a network, typically the user selects beforehand interface that will be used, example of interface ethernet, wireless, and others.
= Then WireShark will catch passing the data package and display the data packets that have been obtained on a table.
= By displaying data that has been captured by WireShark user will receive information about the activities that are taking place on a network that is in use.

The purpose and usefulness of WireShark
= Get information or data about the packet that is sent or received in the network.
= Know the activities that occur within a network.
= Monitor the security of the computer network or the pc that we use.
= Analyze data packets that pass network
= Get data packet or information floating around in a network are visible.
= Analyze and transmit data packets in a network, often called the process connection and data transmission between computers.

1. First of all to run tools WireShare PAL should open the first PC PAL, terminal and type

2. After that it will show up automatically as shown below, and you must specify the interface that will be used, for example here I use the wlan0 interface that is wireless, double click the interface will be specified.

3. Once you select the interface, will automatically display the entire activity on a network that you use.

4. Once the wireshark display tools throughout the data package which consists of information about the activity on a network you use, you can filter on the input section (Field) above, here you can also filter out like me here will filter HTTP uses to see activity in the field of browsing.

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