Linux Network Monitoring Tools

The computer world of course has a correlation with the name of the software. One example is software for monitoring computer networks. The technician IT often use this software for their profession. Especially, to monitor network infrastructure LANS or the internet on the computer.

With a software solution, the tekhnisi control can do many things on the computer network system already built. Ranging from simple, such as monitoring the condition of each device in the system of computer networks. Manage bandwidth internet, perform trouble shooting, to do the remote.

Because the function of computer network monitoring software is very important for the IT technician. No wonder if the technician IT many interested search and download software solution. You may be one of one of them, who currently want to find and download a network monitoring software to control IT systems.

Know How To Select The Network Monitoring Software
In order to obtain and use the best network monitoring software. Then based on the helpsystems site, you need to consider the following important points: 6

Scope of the Software
This is a major consideration to consider the network adminstrator, during the selection of the software to be used. To find out how widespread the coverage or scope of a network monitoring software that will be selected.

Then you need to mengetetahui the needs of the IT systems of yours first. Here's how by asking some of the following questions:
  • Is this software will be used only for a single site or in multiple places?
  • Is this software will only be used to monitor servers or also for other devices?
  • Know what you want to monitor, control, or monitor your system in IT?
These questions will help you figure out what kind of network monitoring software that fits your needs and budget.

Connectivity and Scalability
Computer network system will always continue to grow day by day. So, it is important for you to consider how connectivity and scalability of network monitoring software that will be selected.

Know how many devices can be connected into the system IT you wake up. How much data will be passed on a network system. You also need to consider the network monitoring software that offers scalability options. Because this makes it easy to you to know what types of data from monitoring application which can be put on hold. And will you make it easier to take action when the data has reached the limit.

Software that can memperpanjangan scalability options menawarakan cycle monitoring program or software become longer. So that you or the company network you can make use of the data or this condition, even when there are considerable developments.

Management System
Based on notes from TechRepublic contributor Nick Hardiman, software solution currently enables network administrators choose how they will manage the network system. Whether will be managed directly by the team of IT companies that are maintained by third parties or in their location.

For a business that would like to get more detailed controls on the system and network activity. Then they are recommended to buy and use a software solution that is managed on site. While the enterprise sector does not seem to have a lot of time to manage their networks.

Network management will normally be entrusted to third parties. Because the main enterprise sector more time used to take care of their core business.

Automatic Detection
Some software solution there are already supported with automatic detection technology. Automatic detection technology (automatic discovery), allowing software doing scaning using SNMP to determine the latest status of the network components.

For example, when adding network components, then the software is capable of performing automatic scaning and simultaneously add new components to the system.

Feature Mapping
In addition to automatic detection feature, the feature mapping also need to exist in a best network monitoring software.

This mapping feature, allowing the IT technician has a picture of the IT infrastructure and components in your existing network.

This feature not only gives an overview of the visual, but also position the device in the proper connections and connecting with other devices.

Warning or Notification
Warning or notification can also known as Alerting, enables the IT technician easily find out happened actions or suspicious activity on a network system. The IT technician or network administrator can quickly take preventative action before damage is heavy in the network system.

Classification Of Network Monitoring Software
Network monitoring software is actually divided into a variety of different classifications. And of the four classifications that have been published, two of which were paessler is as follows:

1. Open Source Software
Network monitoring software can open soruce so the best recommendation for you the technician with a tight budget.

Some of the main advantages of using open source software is also very costumable and can be used without having to pay a license fee.

It's just that some open source software has limited functionality. So it is not able to give the report detailed network monitoring.

2. The all-in-ONE
This is a free classified specifically for the professional network monitoring. In other reliable sources, the all-in-ONE can also be referred to as commercial software classification. The software in this classification determined the entire function offers a monitoring network with advanced features.

Software solution all-in-ONE is able to control the conventional protocols such as SNMP, packet snifing, stream protocol-Protocol to monitor bandwidth.

Not only that, the software is a commercial category also offers controls and monitoring protocol type. For example, SQL, FTP, HTTP, POP3, Exchange virtual servers, and more.

Open Source Network Monitoring software and Best Commercial

ZABBIX is one of open source network monitoring software best popularly used by some companies. For example, Dell, ICANN, Orange, Salesforce and others.

ZABBIX is specifically designed to monitor just about anything, ranging from performance and availability of software, networking web application to the database.

ZABBIX already supported by SNMP and offers a better report. ZABBIX can be installed on Linux, AIX, Windows, Solaris, MacOS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and more. For configuration and how to use ZABBIX software.

Intermapper network monitoring software is a computer that belongs to the category of commercial classification or all-in-ONE. Intermapper can be used for all business sectors ranging from business education sector, finance, Government and defense, healthcare, telecommunications, media, technology, and the manufacturing sector. Only by IP address, Intermapper is able to monitor many things. Ranging from servers, endpoints, wireless devices, firewalls, routers, mobile devices and much more.

Intermapper has also been equipped with automatic detection, alerting, and live system interface. Intermapper is already compatible with a variety of Windows-based devices, Linux, and MacOS. For configuration and how to use Intermapper.

So that you know how to choose the right network monitoring software easily and quickly. Then you can use 6 considerations already discussed above.

The best network monitoring software can not only run optimally on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. But, the best solution is a popular software also offers advanced features, powerful, and easy to use.

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