Monitor Bandwidth Linux

There are countless ways to monitor the network or the traffic or bandwidth.
One of the many tools to monitor bandwidth on the network, and use iftop is only via the terminal. (its not like terminal gradually will definitely love the terminal)

used to install the application:
sudo apt-get install iftop

for example I want to know the traffic of interface "ppp0".
then, the orders are:
sudo iftop -i ppp0

If you want to see traffic from LAN (local network) then the injunction is:
sudo iftop -i eth0

Customize with interfaces in the network you yeah ...
eth0, eth1, eth2 and so on.

Press tomboh "H" if need help its application.

Remember Yes ....!!!
the command should be "root", otherwise use the root it will come out as below:

retnet-server@retnet:~$ iftop -i ppp0
interface: ppp0
IP address is:
MAC address is: 00:00:00:00:00:00
pcap_open_live(ppp0): socket: Operation not permitted

or sign in as root:
sudo su

If you are logged in as root, then it is no longer necessary to add sudo in initial orders.

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