Record Screen Video Linux Ubuntu

Here we will review about how to install applications on a Simple Screen Recorder on a Linux operating system Ubuntu 15.10 for purposes of Record or a Screen Shoot of activities on the desktop.

This application is very useful to all of us that will perpetuate our activities on your desktop. Usually if in Windows we use camtasia and applications or more. Sometimes we are in desperate need of this application for the purposes of coursework, school assignments, or for personal use. If I use this desktop recorder application for creating tutorials for our readers to share with all.

Simple Screen Recorder is an application developed by Maartenbaert. Because ketidak-puasannya uses desktop recorder screen recording application that already exists. The purpose of the making of this application is to create a Screen Recording Software that has ketagguhan on Linux with a display which is easily understood and operated by users of linux. Simple application results Wal Screen Recorder does indeed appear to be simple, but the features are owned not less even even exceeds other desktop recorder application.

Definitely getting KEPO kan pengen understand how to install a Simple Screen Recorder application in Ubuntu 15.10.

Okay just there are a few steps to install it:

1. open your terminal on ubuntu 15.10
to open the terminal can use the "CTRL + ALT + T"

2. Type command
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:maarten-baert/simplescreenrecorder
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install simplescreenrecorder

3. finish
How to record or use Simple Screen Recorder application on Desktop Linux Ubuntu 16.10 is as follows:
1. Start the application Simple Screen Recorder and click "Continue"

2. In the tab "Input Video" choose "Record the entire screen" (this option to record the desktop as a whole), if we select "Follow the Cursor" option it will record video follows the cursor only. Love-love you want to choose which. Then on the "Record Audio" and "Record Cursor" you select the o cursor and voice recording.

3. Click "Continue". Select Profile on Youtube, or with another profile as you. On the File tab you can change the storage location recording.

4. Click "Continue" again. Here already to late preparation taham record using Simple Screen Recorder Application. Click the "Start Recording" button to start recording. On the tab you can also create a hotkey or shortcut let me record it more quickly. At a time when the process of recording you can press "PAUSE" to pause and the button "STOP" to stop the recording process.

5. When you are finished recording, click "Save Recording".

How? easy to understand right? Please comment to still exist who have not understood about how Screen Shoot to record Desktop Activity in Linux Ubuntu with a Simple Screen Recorder Application.

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