Record Screen Video Linux

A myriad of activities that we can do in Linux, i.e. we can record our activities on your desktop. The application that we use to record the desktop is the Kazam.

Kazam is very easy to use, and lightweight. This application is free. We just go into the tutorial of how to use it then Kazam installs.

How To Install Kazam
To install Kazam we can use the terminal, run the following command:
sudo apt-get install kazam

Once installed run the Kazam, can through the terminal or the launcher (if on ubuntu).

Record Desktop Using Kazam

Run the Kazam, then will appear as below.

Select "Screencast" to record into desktop video.

Select area,
"Fullscreen" to record the whole screen,
"Window" to record the selected window,
"Area" to record an area we specify it yourself.

If you have already click "Capture".

In the countdown desktop will soon be recorded.

To "Pause" or finish the video, click the "Camera icon" on the top panel (if on ubuntu).

After you click the camera icon in the panel, then click "Finished Recording".

Select "Save for later", then click "Continue".

The video will be stored in the "Video" folder that is on the "Home directory".

That's the easy way to record your desktop activity in linux. Good luck, good luck.

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