What is Redhat Linux

Red Hat Linux is the most popular linux in Indonesia as well as the United States, as well as special designed for servers. Red Hat is realized as the fastest server linux server compared to the others. Aside from being the fastest server, Red Hat may also be used as a client or as a desktop PC/PC standolone. Now Red Hat has mengedar with a version that can wear Genomes as well as KDE desktop.

What Is Red Hat?
In open source computing environment, Red Hat is one of the most major platforms. On offer are shaped, by means of continuous subscription provides a service which is recognized as well as obtain certification from either software or hardware vendors of the scale of the company.

Revolutionary things linux Red Hat Enterprise one is that Red Hat linux RPM package format creates a program as standard raw file binner on Linux, which is then used by other linux like SuSE, Mandrake, and Caldera.

Red Hat that is the distribution of the most popular and most widely used. He also is the standard or base the development of various other distribution includes also the Mandrake-Linux-Linux, ASP and many more others.

Red Hat that is one of the most big companies as well as known for his dedication to the software a free resource. Red Hat was founded in 1993 and headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, United Serikatt. Red Hat is popular because it's product Red Hat Linux one of the most major Linux distributions.

Red Hat-shaped free or free. Red Hat that in benefiting as a server to do various configuration, for example DNS configurations, DHCP, WEB SERVER, MAILSERVER, and there is much more to be acted well in managing client.

DNS is used to change the one address IP Address so one such host name or vice versa. It facilitate users to memorize one address with no hard memorizing an IP Addres in the shape of figures.

DHCP is a protocol of the network that serves to give the IP Address by way of automatically on a computer that uses the TCP/IP protocol. DHCP is working with partners and client-sever where the DHCP server to provide an IP Address one group could be given to the client. In giving the IP Address, DHCP just lend IP Address.

The WEB SERVER is a server software which acts receive wishes HTTP or HTTPS from client browser sites with known and send back the eventual shape of the pages of the site that is usually in the form of an HTML document.

Mail server i.e. software program that distributes files or info in response to a desire on the send via e-mail, also used on bitnet to provide a service similar to FTP.

To perform configuration, the necessary packages must already be installed. If not yet then we must install first.
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