I was the only child of a large family, so I've accustomed myself to do any thing. I was born in 1985, so you can already guess how old I am. I was born in a city that is in the province of riau in Indonesia, after that I attended in place of my grandmother until I finished high school, I didn't continue the lecture but I work in a company and it was only a few years only because of a routine every day that I live is a thing that bores so finally I stop and try their luck in the online world that to this day has not resulted , but I am still confident with what I'm doing

In this blog I want to give something valuable in your life from a lesson about computer operating systems i.e. linux. so I focused it on a linux distro that is currently held by a great company dieropa.

Material contained in this is the material I learned by myself and I share to you in need and also under learning about linux

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